Legend Knight


December 31: Event Update in Legend Knight

Hello, knights! New Year is almost here! Have you checked out our special promo yet? Also, don’t forget that the usual Legend Knight event update is now live. Log into the game now!

Search for hidden treasures during the Ocean Hunt, catch all the fish to become the Fishing Master, complete daily activities during the Carnival, recharge like crazy to get Golden Chests, and don’t forget about Mount Lucky Capsule and Goal Shooting!

Ocean Hunt

December 30 — January 5

During the Ocean Hunt event, players may search for treasures using Worn Out Scrolls and Golden Treasure Maps.

You can get Worn Out Scrolls for free by clearing Dungeons and Hall of Heroes. Use the Scrolls when searching for treasure to get some of the following items:

  • Level 3 Gem Packs;
  • Level 1–3 Rune Packs;
  • Equipment Refinement Stone;
  • Wings Tailoring Feather;
  • Pet Training Whistle;
  • Equipment Enchantment Stone;
  • Mark Refinement Lock;
  • Mark Refinement Crystal.

Want to get more? Try searching for treasure using Golden Treasure Maps! It costs 195 Balens per attempt, but the rewards are far more precious:

  • Red Astrals;
  • Purple Goddess Card;
  • Forge Stones;
  • Level Random 8 Runes;
  • Level Random 8 Gems;
  • Level 7 Glyphs.

Fishing Master

December 30 — January 5

Attention, Fishing Masters! It’s time to cast your nets!

During this event, you can catch the fish using fishnets or Recharge Balens. As always, we will add 6 Reward Balens to the prize pool after each fishing attempt.

Want to know what you can get this time? Cast the net for a chance to win items from the Exquisite Fashion Set, Red Astral Pack, Runes, Magic Stones, and tons of Reward Balens.

Players will also receive various prizes after they’ve gathered the required amount of Fishing Points.

Don’t forget that every midnight Top-10 players will also get ranking rewards, including event-themed buffs, Goddess Shards, Red Crystals, Goddess Crystals, and Dragon Spirit!

Please note that the fishing activities stop at 11:55 pm (PST) every day. The next round starts at 12:00 am (PST).

Lucky Capsule

December 30 — January 1

Those Lucky Capsules are here once again! Want to get a powerful mount? Then this event is for you! During this activity, players may open different types of Capsules to get the corresponding rewards.

Here are opening prices and rewards preview:

  • Normal Capsule (open for 120 Bound Balens) — Chance to obtain Mount Upgrade Stones, Mount Training Whips, Purifying Stones, and other small rewards;
  • Advanced Capsule (open for 60 Recharge Balens) — Chance to win high-level Runes and Gems, Universal Shards, and other sweet prizes;
  • Super Capsule (open for 470 Recharge Balens) — Chance to get rare items, as well as Skeleton Dragon and Dragon of Fire and Ice mounts.

Don’t forget that Universal Shards can be used in the Lucky Shop to purchase exclusive mounts!


December 30 — January 5

The final Carnival of the year is online! Consume Balens, challenge the Crypt, participate in the Team Hall, and explore the Dungeon!

Total Consumption

Spend your Balens to get some awesome stuff:

  • Spend 2 000 Balens — Level 5 Gem Pack, Soul Crystal Gem (x8), Bound Balens (x100);
  • Spend 5 000 Balens — Level 5 Rune Pack, Rune Soul Engraving Crystal (x8), Bound Balens (x200);
  • Spend 10 000 Balens — Prime Astral Pack, Astro Enhancing Crystal (x8), Bound Balens (x500);
  • Spend 20 000 Balens — Mount Upgrade Stone (x8), Level 7 Gem Pack, Bound Balens (x800);
  • Spend 30 000 Balens — Wings Grooming Feather (x10), Level 7 Rune Pack, Bound Balens (1 000);
  • Spend 50 000 Balens — Mount Upgrade Stone (x15), Level 8 Gem Pack, Bound Balens (2 000);
  • Spend 80 000 Balens — Purple Talent Card Pack, Level 8 Rune Pack, Bound Balens (3 000);
  • Spend 150 000 Balens — Red Astral Pack, Orange Talent Card Pack, Level 8 Glyph, Bound Balens (5 000).

Crypt Challenge

Clear the Crypt to receive nice prizes every day:

  • Challenge the Crypt 9 times per day — Bound Balens (x10), Level 1 Minerals Pack, Level 1 Gem pack;
  • Challenge the Crypt 12 times per day — Bound Balens (x20), Level 3 Minerals Pack, Level 2 Gem pack.

Team Hall Dungeon

Join the team of heroes to bring demons to justice!

  • Clear the Team Hall 3 times daily — Bound Balens (x10), Gold (100 000), Level 2 Rune Pack;
  • Clear the Team Hall 3 times daily — Bound Balens (x20), Gold (100 000), Level 3 Rune Pack.

Dungeon Challenge

Prove your worth as a hero in the Solo Dungeon:

  • Complete the Solo Dungeon 15 times per day — Bound Balens (x10), Level 1 Minerals Pack, Level 1 Gem Pack;
  • Complete the Solo Dungeon 20 times per day — Bound Balens (x20), Level 3 Minerals Pack, Level 2 Gem Pack.

Golden Chest

December 30 — January 5

Planning on recharging? Keep in mind that you are entitled to receive Golden Chest Keys for that! During this activity, players may obtain an additional value for purchasing Balens. Grab the Keys and open the Chests to get some of the following:

  • Purple Leo Goddess Talent Card;
  • Rune Soul Engraving Crystal;
  • Level 7 Rune Soul;
  • Pet Training Whistle;
  • Start Soul;
  • Crafting Stone;
  • Socketing Rod;
  • Level 7 Gem;
  • Soul Crystal Gem.

Also, don’t forget that you can get even more if you use 100 Keys to open all the Chests:

  • Level 10 Gem;
  • Orange Leo Goddess Talent Card.

Goal Shooting

December 30 — January 5

During the Goal Shooting event, players can use Bazookas to try to shoot a goal. Every successful shot will bring you the Goal Chest. Want to know what treasures lie within? After opening the Chest, the player may receive Red Astrals, Magic Stones, superior Runes and Gems, Purple and Red Goddess Talent Cards, and more!

Want to get a Bazooka? Recharge the required amount of Balens every day! Note that you will also get Enchanting Stones for that!

You can find additional info in the event description. Good luck!

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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